Dating wrangler labels

19-Jul-2017 21:00

Many people by this point were loving Wrangler jeans and being spotted in them all across the United States and Europe, which is why they are a leader in the durability department when it comes to denim.

In 2003, VF Jeanswear added two new brands to the Wrangler family: RIGGS WORKWEAR® by Wrangler®, a line of premium work clothes, and Wrangler® Pro Gear TM, hunting apparel for the serious sportsman.

Wrangler is another iconic denim brand that owns its place in the denim market, just like Levi’s.

Having been officially named and founded in 1943, the brand has a huge history behind it and a following that many adore and love today. C Hudson who had grown up on Spring Hill Farm in Williamson County, Tennessee, decided to leave his home and seek out fortune in the emerging textile town of Greensboro, North Carolina.

He then went on to win a total of 16 world championships, including five All-Around, seven Bull Riding and four Bareback Riding World Titles.

This really shot Wrangler into stardom as being the iconic cowboy jean that everyone sought after.Then a year later, Wrangler Jeans Company became the official jean of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. 8 race team, leading to a new generation of Wrangler.