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The altar paintings are the work of Petr Brandl, and on the sides of the aisle altars there are statues of Benedictine saints by Matouš Václav Jäckel. Inlaid choir pews from the 18 century, work of Jan Sichmüller, are decorated by statues of Richard Prachner.The church organ was built in 1725 by an organ maker Tobiáš Meysner.

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On the first floor, there is the monastery library with painted ceiling.The monastery was rebuilt by Břetislav I around the year 1040, and then again in early-Gothic style in the time of abbot Bavor of Nečtiny around 1300.It was plundered by the Hussites and then again during the Thirty Years War.The library cabinets are of Baroque and Rococo styles, richly carved.

There is an extensive garden adjoining the monastery, where the abbot’s summer house named Vojtěška is located, with a chapel above the fountain (the start of the Brusnice Stream), where the monastery was founded.The yard is closed by the front of the monastery temple of St.