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03-Oct-2017 18:26

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You may not feel like going to a movie, but it is what he wants to do, for example.

Also, his turning down an offer to do what you would like is a key sign that he is not flexible.

Sometimes the work they went to do goes sour – the deal falls through or the project they were working on is a failure… But what they find is their wife –tired and exhausted too. But rather than looking around at everyone else, I have to work on watering and fertilizing my own grass to keep it green and choosing contentment is the first step. Be thankful your man is out slaying dragons for his family. I take care of myself physically, spiritually and emotionally. It has been in my trusting and delighting – that God has filled the God shaped hole inside of me, to the brim. Daily the children and I pray over the specific meetings, challenges, customers and appointments he has. I like to help him pack and plan his clothes for whatever challenges he is going to face that week.

And if we aren’t careful, this is a recipe for a disaster in marriage. Bitterness can creep into every crevice that you allow! I do not waste energy dreaming of him being here and or how our lives would be better if he didn’t travel. I learned long ago that no one was going to say to me “.” I had to choose to make sure that I took care of myself so I had more to give to my kids while my husband was away. When the children were little and had no understanding of time, we would count down “sleeps” until daddy was home.

Unfortunately, love is not everything to some people. The world we live in may be a reason to become paranoid of strangers, and suspicious of our own family, at times.

The controlling boyfriend will get more defensive, change the subject, or bring up a past occurrence, when he was, indeed, correct, in order to prove his point with the issue at hand. He wants you to feel as if life is not worth living without him.

He may not always be right, completely, but he is never wrong. However, a fool AND his gold have special meaning to the controlling boyfriend. It’s hard to believe, but his confidence level is actually lower than yours.

Treating you like a child that went to the mall, prior to doing her homework, is the kind of humiliation in you he is trying to achieve.

Unlike the aforementioned subject, your boyfriend will come and go as he pleases, without answering to anyone – especially to you.

He will buy you nice jewelry, take you to expensive restaurants and maybe even offer to pay a debt of yours. This is the most upsetting trait that a controlling boyfriend can display.

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