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Of course the knowledge of Arabic language and grammar is a must for one who wants to be a Usuliuun or a jurisprudent.

However, this is not really a subject matter of Usul.

After Shafii, many scholars have contributed in the study of Usul, of them, the most famous are : Abul Hasan al Basri (d. There have been many writers on Usul in modern times, particularly in Arab lands.

436), Imam al Haramayn al Juwayni (d.487), Abu Hamid al Gazali (d.505), Fakhruddin al Razi (d. Initially two approaches developed in the study of Usul, the theoretical and the deductive.

However, the later scholars combined the two approaches and presently the subject essentially follows the some format.

In some classical books of Usul (such as Nurul Anwar by Sheikh Ahmad Ibn Abu Said or Manar by Sheikh Abul Barakat Abdullah Ibn Ahmad Nasaki) most of the discussion of Usul have been made under the heading "Kitabullah" (that is the Quran).

Imam Shafii is considered to be the father of the science of Usul.Methods of deductions from the legal verses of the Quran and the legal Ahadis (singular Hadis) are what the Fuqaha (jurists) have called Ibarah al Nass (whereby Ahkam or rules are derived from the obvious words and sentences themselves), Isharah al Nass (where Ahkam are inferred from signs and indications inherent in the text) Dalalah al Nass (where Ahkam are derived from the spirit and rationale of a legal text) and Iqtida al Nass (whereby Ahkam are derived as a requirement of the provision of the text though the text is silent on the issue).For details, please read the chapters on Interpretation in Hashim Kamali's book "Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence" [see Usul al Fiqh also discusses the secondary sources of Islamic law, the Ijma (consensus), Qiyas (analogical deduction), Istihsan (Juristic preference) and other methods of Ijtihad (reasoning and investigation).This is different from Wahy Batin (non-manifest revelation) which consists of inspiration and concepts.

All the Ahadis of the prophet fall under this category.

In this view, Usul is the methodology and the Fiqh is the product.

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