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A statement from the museum reads in part: “Taking down the show would violate the museum’s core principles and end the productive dialogue that this work has initiated.

CAM has a history of showing controversial artists; we have shown works that have challenged common sensibilities and presented work that has critiqued, in a difficult way, misogyny, patriarchy, homophobia and the military industrial complex, among other issues.

The print is splattered with different shades of chocolate.

Both works have garnered Walker, who is white, a reputation for commenting on race in America — and fierce criticism of his use of the black body.

But Walker has been making a name for himself in the art world since the 1990s, with multidisciplinary exhibitions in New York, London, France, Berlin and Milan.We apologize, and acknowledge that this is especially problematic given the current climate in our region.To that end, we are reaching out to those who have raised their voices to engage in further dialogue.“He uses images of us being attacked and brutalized, he uses images of black women being over sexualized, and he can’t explain why he uses these images,” Davis said by phone the day after Walker spoke.

“He rambled on and on about surface level rhetoric.

“Schools take Black children to this gallery, when they see these images, they are being told that their bodies, their history and their stories are disposal and always up for use by any privileged white man and institutions that feels like using them to get some press,” local interdisciplinary artist Damon Davis wrote on Facebook critiquing CAM’s new exhibit.

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